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In a society like ours, which has lost sight of the primary values ​​and spiritual aspects of life such as land, the seasons and its fruits, one of the vehicles that are used to trace the rural peasant culture and ensure that it is not lost, it is the Educational Farm.
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From wheat to flour, from flour to loaf, which after mixing will be enjoyed!
This laboratory has proposed to the children for the purpose of leading them to a completed project with their hands, through the manipulation of simple ingredients. The result is definitely a strong sensory experience in creating the dough and creative in giving the shape customize it more acceptable. In addition we also offer workshops on the preparation of cookies, donuts, pasta, tigelle.

Let's go children, we are farmers!
Not only books and notebooks, but also hoes and boots to get their hands dirty with the earth and then eat the colors of life with vegetables. The objective is to develop the knowledge sensory, perceptual and practices of children. On our farm there is always a vegetable garden available to children, just to stimulate their awareness of healthy eating habits.

A day at the farm to the discovery of the horse!
This project is designed to introduce children to the main aspects of an animal that takes us from the earliest times: the horse. It is a unique opportunity to learn about its morphology, its character and its interesting history over the centuries. This activity is entirely followed and carried out by a qualified operator for education and putting on the saddle of the Italian Federation Fitetrec-Ante.

All together to understand and touch the farm animals!
These animals provide the opportunity to make themselves known to children, who are a unique sensorial experience through sight, sound, touch and smell. Our farm is composed of small farm animals such as the rooster, hens, chicks, guinea fowl, ducks, geese and rabbits, there are also larger animals like goat, sheep, horse, cow and the pig.

Fruits and vegetables not only good to eat, but also a fun way to color!
We carry all the colors of the garden in a nice dip in the company of the fruit, are the brushes. How we use color juice fruits and vegetables that the farm has prepared with natural dyes. The main goal of the farm is to intrigue children, and bring them closer to this group of foods that are essential during growth.

We visit the home of Mr.Forest!
Come and visit our woods! You receive sounds from the birds singing in the rustle of the foliage of large oaks, beech and chestnut trees that move caressed by the wind. It is a fascinating experience to enter the house of the animals that live there and observe carefully that the forest is a living organism that must be respected and protected, teaching as it involves a good hiker. The goal is to introduce children to nature using the 5 senses make known the importance of respecting the environment.